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Me too...I love the OII, and I will have it a long time..but the very late S/N Mint Drake C line (R4C full Sherwood done by Rob) I have will be setting here the day it all ends for me too.

Oh, by the way, I have done many A/B tests with the OII and Sherwood R4C...while the OII has some more features...the R4C hears anything the OII does and untill things get really close in...just as well.

I am glad that the 2 best Rcvrs made are from the USA!

Thanks TT and of course Mr R. L. Drake.

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As much as I love the Ten-Tec gear that I have (Argo 556, Argonaut V, 6N2 and 
Omni VI+) the Drake "C-Line" twins will still be on the desk when I'm gone.

73 de Jim - AD6CW

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> I too plan on keeping my Corsair II and matching external
> VFO (providing true dual receive capability)
> http://www.csm-gh.com/AB9M-Shack.htm for life. A set of
> Drake 4-B twins is on my 2009 purchase list...... There are
> some things that can only be done well by a well designed
> analog IF and PTO. "You can't work what you
> can't hear!"
> Best regards,
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