[TenTec] Open sourcing again

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If your product is based upon the software/firmware and you give it away, what do you own?? Nothing.? Just vapor.? No protection or income even though you created it.

It's a little like copyrights to songs.? I'm intimately familiar with that.? O.K.? Just record the song, modify it.? Just reissue the original version.? No royalties.? No intellectual property rights.? So, what do I have then?? Nothing.? Nada.


? WO8L

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Well one scenario I can thing of is someone installs after market software, 
it doesn't work right and many features left out, radio is sold as is to new 
owner, new owner says this is a piece of @^$$%# and send it off to TenTec 
with a nasty letter saying effectively , FIX THIS PIECE OF #^%@ AS YOU MADE 
IT ! Probably not quite a WIN-WIN for poor old TenTec ?

Walt K8CV Royal Oak, MI.

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> It would sure seem that TT could kill two birds with one stone by allowing 
> 3rd parties to write
> code for their radios.  Proprietary software is a valuable business asset 
> but only if you
> capitalize on it .  Since TT is seemingly not willing (or able) to drive 
> sales of their radios
> by demonstrating a capability of providing the software updates and 
> enhancements they tout in
> the advertisements, it would seem smart to allow others to do so.
> I'm not sure why this is not seen as a win-win by them.
> John K5MO
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