[TenTec] Aux Receiver input

Dr. Gerald N. Johnson geraldj at storm.weather.net
Thu Feb 26 08:45:57 PST 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 21:46 -0700, Dick Williams wrote:
> Does anyone know if the this jack is grounded during transmit or otherwise 
> disconnected from the receiver?
> I took a look at the schematic and I see there are some relays in line, but 
> I am not sure what they are for.
> I have been using C & S Engineering Front End Saver, between my Beverage 
> antennas and the aux rec input, and am not sure if I really need it (needed 
> it on the Yaseu FT-1000).
> Thanks
> Dick K8ZTT 
It probably depends on which Tentec? In my Corsair II schematic, I see
there are two PIN diodes on the low pass filter board that are reverse
biased to isolate the receiver (that's unhooked by the aux switch). Then
on the RF driver board that is the interface to the bandpass filters,
there is one more PIN diode to unhook either antenna input from the
receiver front end.

The front end saver probably won't hurt receiver performance, and if you
were to get more RF on the auxiliary antenna than one diode would
protect from the front end saver could save a lot of parts.

73, Jerry, K0CQ

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