[TenTec] Orion II - 2.041 XL is Posted

Steve Campisano w1smc at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 15:34:19 PST 2009

As an OII owner for 3 years and a computer programmer for over 30+ years I
want to say thanks to TT for all their support.

I'd also like to say directly to the TT development staff that I hope you
have taken lightly all the worthless related BS that has spewed forth from
this reflector.  

Personally I've considered it (all the whining and pissing and moaning that
is) all rather funny.  And as a developer I hope you all have had allot of
laughs too.

Software customers and users are almost never satisfied.  And I'm sure that
this is really only the beginning now that this new release of software has
hit the streets.  This newly updated and enhanced code I'm sure will not
work for everybody as intended and "those in the know" will continue to find
issues so the never-ending whining & P&M will continue.  This (of course)
means I will continue to chuckle and laugh at all the knuckleheads on this
reflector.  And the knuckleheads know who they are.

"It is what it is" ..... as they say.

73, Semper Fi, and again, thanks allot TT, you guys and gals make great
radio products down there in TN and I will continue to buy them from you.
And that's not a threat, it's a promise.

Let the "Knuckleheading" begin!

Steve / W1SMC


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73 de Billy, AA4NU
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