[TenTec] 041 firmware rev

Douglas Shock douglas.shock at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 20:36:22 PST 2009

ewww my blackberry storm has a mind of its own.

Well it seems that riding the RF gain while using the af agc has a different
set of rules than it does using RF agc. You can't back off as much as you
can in rf agc or you loose a good chunk of af that even AF gain can't
compensate for. A lot like operating the newer Asian radios. So In AF dsp I
have to increase RF gain significantly compared to RF agc.

The NR in AF agc is a bunch more aggressive I find with eliminating back
ground noise than in rf agcjust at the expense of af gian. In the rf agc
mode NR takes the edge off the noise without being overly aggressive. Great
news is that the distortion from previous releases when using nr is greatly
reduced making it usable.

Not sure what the strategy or best use case between AF and RF agc is as I
see pros on both settings.

Still love the band scope changes...much more usable for hunting signals.
Not much for looking at somebodys signal for audio analysis but that was
never my gig.

Not sure how the new code impacts my previous settings for AGC but hopefully
somebody will throw the new software on the bench and provide a detailed
analys for agc settings.

All-inall...nice release so far.
On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 7:25 PM, <douglas.shock at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wow...I found just the opposite. Not sure why af lwvwls drop in what I
> think is the af dip code but the NR is amazing for once. Again...can't tell
> what setting or why thw af levels drop. Almost like 20db + of attenuation.
> I actually love the new scope bery much and the curse is a pretty cool
> touch. A to B worka nice as well. Haven't had a chance to go over anything
> else yet.
> Is it the all releases? Nope...and hopefully the beta in the update
> reflects that . But WOW...definitely in thw right direction. So perhaps a
> reload would be in order.
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> I have dumped 041 and went back to 039 I cannot see any improvemts.  Gene
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> > This is why I think I'll wait and listen here awhile before bothering to
> > flash the new code.
> >
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> > Help....
> >
> > What did I miss.......the new Sweep mode does not show any indexing like
> > the
> > 039 v did?  So, I don't really know where these sigs are?  I must have
> > done
> > something wrong.  Someone enlighten me, please.  I am not seeing much
> diff
> > in the RF AGC vs the "old" AF AGC.  I'll try another download.  I have
> not
> > tried the Global vs Band Mode specific power and mic settings yet.
> >
> > 73 John K4NP
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