[TenTec] First Observations on v. 2.041XL

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Thu Feb 26 21:58:09 PST 2009

Although I have only started with my testing, a few things are apparent:

1)    Bandscope looks good and appears to use space on the screen much better.  The 'cursor' is a nice touch and now the 'freezing' that happens when you crank the dial is actually functional since you can move the cursor over a peak (or valley) on the scope and when you stop turning, it re-centers at that spot.  I have heard several comments that the frequency calibrations are now gone and it would be nice to get them back.  Maybe just 'tic' marks every 5 and 10 kHz.  If not, it's not that big a deal.

2)    NR in the RF AGC mode sounds better than it did.  Is it my imagination?  I'm listening to some weak CW stations on 80 meters and NR really helps...much more than I remember.

3)    Auto Notch seems to attack faster and eliminate the carrier more completely in RF AGC.  It takes a while for Auto Notch to null the carrier in AF AGC, but it does eventually do it, and as promised, the S-Meter and overall gain respond to removal of the offending signal.  Manual Notch also works very well in AF AGC.

4)    When I first started testing, I had some sporadic 'crashes' when adjusting the Notch and Auto Notch in AF AGC, but this no longer happens.  I also noticed that I don't need to restart the radio when I switch between AF and RF AGC.  There does seem to be a significant level difference between the two.  This may be the reason why NR does not seem to work well on AF AGC...it sounds like it needs more signal to get up into the threshold range.  This may just be a tweak that needs to be done on the final version.

Overall, much improved!  I'll start transmit testing tomorrow.   

       Ron  N6IE

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