[TenTec] Orion II 2.041XL comments

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Fri Feb 27 10:15:34 PST 2009

One line every 10 seconds...you have a problem there.
Mine ran very fast an completed in a few minutes, first time. (just like always)
I do however have a laptop with a real serial port running XP FP 3.


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Wow - slow flash. One line every 10 seconds.  How many lines are there?

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So far, this is very nice.

The NR (which I almost never used) seems more effective than I 
recall. I like it better under the RF AGC by quite a bit. Using it on 
CW under the AF AGC masks a lot of the weak signals. I will need to 
play a lot to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the two AGC options.

The spectrum display is nice. About all I can think of that I'd 
prefer to be different is that, instead of a small blue cursor 
showing me my where I'm tuning across the display, I'd prefer a 
vertical blue line extending to the bottom of the display. That is, 
however, a very small matter.

Many will not be pleased with whatever is in here. I was happy before 
and so clearly benighted in my ignorance. I'm happy now, too, and so 
still clearly benighted...

Kim Elmore N5OP

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