[TenTec] Orion II 2.041XL comments

Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF] peter at frenning.dk
Fri Feb 27 10:48:24 PST 2009

kc9cdt at aol.com skrev:
> One line every 10 seconds...you have a problem there.
> Mine ran very fast an completed in a few minutes, first time. (just like always)
> I do however have a laptop with a real serial port running XP FP 3.
> 73,
> Lee
I ran the update from a WinXP running on a Virtual machine (Sun xVM) on 
Ubuntu 8.10, using an USB<->Serial converter. The whole process (all of 
106xx lines) took less than 5 min. LOTS of SW layers involved!

Vy 73 de OZ1PIF/5Q2M, Peter

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