[TenTec] TenTec Triton iV & TT 262G Update!

Doug Smith ve3iyb at rogers.com
Thu Feb 26 18:10:03 PST 2009

Well I was able to spend some quality time with Don VE3IYA today and we did
some testing.


Load test on the TT 262G power supply was successful. We ran an auto heater
that draws 15A and the 262G handled it fine.


Did a bunch of voltage measurements and all seem to be within reason.
Checked the ALC diodes and they are fine. 


As a final test we removed the Final amplifier assembly from the radio and
put it in the LOCK for a very short duration. The radio is behaving. Lightly
tap the CW key. All is good.


Sooo it would appear to be Final Amp assembly has gone south. Any chance of
just sending the Final Amplifier assembly down to TT or are they going to
want the whole radio? Are the Final Transistors even still available? I know
that I should be asking TT these questions but surely someone has been down
this road before.


De Doug VE3IYB EN93ui ~ 60 miles SW of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Eh? 

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