[TenTec] 2.041 updating problem...need help

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Fri Feb 27 18:21:20 PST 2009

Have you used that SAME setup before to update te OII?
If so...check all you com settings in windows. Run no other applications at the same time.

If that setup has not ben used...you may just have a USB-serial that's not FB.

I hope your not on Vista?


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i all, I have been trying for an hour and a half to get my OrionII to take the 
ew program but the radio never shows the lines of code it's receiving, It just 
hows the Flash memory mode screen / press any key to exit. Meanwhile, The 
omputer is showing that it's talking to the radio VERY SLOWLY...like 10 to 20 
ines of code every 5 minutes. but the radio shows nothing. I am using a Rat 
hack USB to Serial adaptor and have installed all pertinet firmware. I have 3 
SB ports on my laptop with 2 already occupied with a mouse and audio setup, so 
 selected COM3 in the program. If I select any other COM the warning that 
ommunication with the radio has failed etc. Any suggestions of where i'm going 
rong? 73, Todd - KT0DD
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