[TenTec] TT Triton IV and TT 262G

Doug Smith ve3iyb at rogers.com
Fri Feb 27 17:42:05 PST 2009

Thanks for all the replies guys!


I spent some quality time with Don and did some testing.


We load tested the 262G with an auto heater that drew 15A, all OK.


We checked various voltages on the ALC SWR, Final Amp Assembly & Control
board in RX everything checks out OK. 


We tested the ALC diodes D1,D2, both OK.


As a final test removed the Final Amp Assembly from the Triton IV and
"briefly" put the rig in LOCK mode, all OK. We "briefly" tap the CW key, all


We put the Final Amp assembly back in and we are back to the 262G shutting
down on TX.


Contacted service at tentec.com via their on-line web form. Something is not
configured right as it came back with a 553 user unknown bounce message.
Send message through Outlook and works fine.  Paul R. Clinton WD4EBR TT
Service Manager, responded that the Final Amp Assembly for the Triton IV is
NLA, the final transistors are still available and Paul's team would do
component level repair but, the whole rig would need to be sent to TT.


So for the time being Don is fine to leave it as is being retired and all.


Thank You


de VE3IYB Doug EN93ui ~ 60 miles SW of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Eh?

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