[TenTec] FW Update Problem w/O2

Joe Giacobello k2xx at swva.net
Sat Feb 28 14:35:28 PST 2009

I have just been trying to install FW 2.041XL and have major problems.  
After starting the update, I first get an error message indicating that 
there's no communication with the radio.  If I repeat the update one or 
two more times, I finally get a message on the Orion screen that says 
"Erase Flash" which then switches to "Program Flash 1."  The number in 
that message continuously increments every 10 seconds or so, but nothing 
else happens.  I can stop the numbers from incrementing by just shutting 
down the update software.  So there must be some communication between 
the software and the O2.

I've tried both master resets and RAM clears w/o any effect, and I also 
re-downloaded the FW file.  I can't even re-install the original FW.  
Never had problems updating the original Orion.

Anyone seen anything similar or have any thoughts on what might be going on?

73, Joe

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