[TenTec] FS: OMNI-VI+ with four CW filters

Bill Cotter n4lg at qx.net
Tue Jun 9 15:57:19 PDT 2009

I have for sale an OMNI-VI+ (SN#06A10049 June 1999) that is in
excellent cosmetic condition, and in perfect electrical condition.
It is configured with a full compliment of CW filters (2x500Hz &
2x250Hz). http://web.qx.net/bcotter/forsale/TT-OMNI-VI-plus/

The OMNI has been in a smoke-free environment as my second radio, 
and it has seen little use beyond spotting and band monitoring. A 
new K3 has taken up residence next to the primary OMNI-VI+, and I 
need to find a home for this one.

In summer 2007 it was sent it off to TenTec for a full alignment
and all mods to date. In addition to fixing the 10M birdies, they
replaced the AF/RF Gain control and the rotary shaft encoder for
the main tuning.

I prefer to sell the OMNI as a complete radio with filters. 
However, I am flexible and will consider selling the radio less 
filters. $1295 plus shipping.

73 es tnx Bill N4LG

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