[TenTec] Two Century 21 problems

Tom NØJMY n0jmy at hayseedhamfest.com
Sun Jun 14 13:41:15 PDT 2009

Got 'er.  Now on to the set-screws.  The missing audio was primarily due 
to one of the little coil leads on the speaker being broken.  Apparently 
it was weak and the loud calibrator vibrations finished her off.

And, Mike was right, that selectivity switch *was* dirty, making it 
intermittent.  Got that taken care of and we're in business.

Now for the knobs.


Tom NØJMY wrote:
> Well, we may have multiple problems here.  But I did get the audio 
> back...for now.  I decided to check and see if there was any sidetone.
> With a dummy load hooked up I tapped the leads from the power set switch 
> together - had power our but no sidetone.  Don't know what possessed me, 
> but I decided to take a listen through the headphones.  Voila, sidetone, 
> and after tickling around a little bit I had some receive audio.
> So I messed with the selectivity switch again and bingo, full audio!
> Pull the headphone plug out - silence.
> So, I guess I'll definitely clean that switch, then go after the 
> headphone-jack/speaker circuit to see what gives.  I'd like to think 
> that it was something as simple as a bad connection at the jack, or even 
> if the loud signal from the calibrator just blew out the speaker. Things 
> are never that simple, though.
> Then I can try out some of the suggestions on my set-screws.
> 73,
> Tom

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