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Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Fri Jun 19 16:23:34 PDT 2009

Any fairly good dynamic microphone would work.   Virtually 
any microphone will handle a bandwidth of 200 - 2800 Hz, 
which is all the rig uses, anyway.   Better microphones tend 
to have wide frequency coverage - but nearly microphones 
costing more than $20 have good linearity well beyond the 
vocal frequencies of approx 150 - 5000 Hz  (very rough 
figures)  and be clear, and have flat response through the 
required range, with sufficient signal strength.

The following list is just for example.  But ANY good mic 
should work well.

Shure SM-58 - every live band has one...  approx $90

AudioTechnica AT-30  - widely avail and good buy approx $30

AudioTechnica MB-1000  (kinda hot with strong
     signal for soft talkers)   really good buy!   approx $40

Shure 512 headset - $95 - I use this one myself

Sennheiser e-815,  835, and any other Evolution Series mic - 
$55 - upwards

Shure PG - any thing dynamic not requiring phantom voltage - 
Approx $45 - $55

Shure 550 L  communications mic  approx $65
Shure 522 Desktop Microphone  approx $85
	(hams like these as they are tailored for
	clear vocals on radio gear by design)

Shure 104 handheld commo mic - approx $50

Almost any model dynamic mic from NADY,
      Electrovoice,  AKG, Rode, Behringer,
     Sennheiser, Audix, and more...

ANY HEIL MIC regardless of price.

I am not a fan of Heil microphones any more than some other 
brands (I am more a Sennheiser guy...) but Heil makes good 
stuff, at fairly reasonable prices,  and Bob Heil STILL 
answers company email on weekends and gives personal 
replies, and stands by what he sells.  So while I don't buy 
his stuff,  I could.   I have a Heil PR0-20 microphone which 
I was given when I used to write microphone product reviews 
for vendors in another technology field, and it is an 
excellent vocal microphone.   It is a particularly handsome 
piece with silver and gold toned hardware on a black handle 
- very expensive looking with out a high price.  Maybe that 
would be a good on.   Personally, using a gold sputtered 
large diaphragm studio condenser microphone, with a source 
of phantom power is, in my view, overkill - you are only 
going to use 2800 Hz sof signal and it will be processed by 
the rig on a single side band, so (in my view) you won't get 
Hi Fi out of anything - what you NEED is just good solid, 
clean, balanced and flat signal response into the rig.   And 
I THINK ANY decent microphone will do that.  (Hoping we do 
not rekindle the old debate over Hi Fi gear in the shack... 
not my intention to go there... )

So on a $30 budget I would get the AudioTechnica MB-1000L or 
AudioTechnica AT-30 microphone - and if had $85 to spend,  I 
would get a Sennheiser e-835,   and if I was spending $150, 
I would consider the Heil Pro-20.  Again, that Heil with 
black, silver and gold looks REALLY good next to a TenTec 
rig - I can send you photos of these if you like with them 
next to my TT gear... ;-)

Good luck.

=============  Richards - K8JHR  ===========

Denton wrote:
> I have an Orion 565AT comming next week....need microphone recommendations.


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