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Sounds like a relay but even so, shouldn't make a "racket".  I think 
there is also a relay for the fan in the Centurion,  it's very audible 
in my Centurion, but it's infrequent..  Certainally not with every dit 
or dah.

My Centurion and Orion 2 are fairly quiet.  I have the keying cable to 
the Centurion and also the "IN" and "OUT" which is for QSK.

Good luck, I'd check the relay.  Also, you don't need the amp if you 
are practicing.

73...John, N4DXI

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Are you guys saying your amps make a racket on every
dit and dah you pound out?

I am just learning CW... slowly... maybe surely... and
wonder if I need to look into this on my own Omni VII
and Centurion amp combo.

Should I worry?   Or just keep practicing?

Thanks.   =========  James - K8JHR  ===============


Gert Meinen wrote:
...info about quieting an amp I used it to quiet my Titan ...

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