[TenTec] NEW Orion II/2.041XL Bug? Red Scan With Vertical Line Patterns

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This is what we have been talking about all along...nothing new.
Just about everyone has seen it.


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The radio had been running on Rx for a few hours, 20 and 80 meters.  The 80m
band was dead, mostly just local line noise.

I am now getting the normal white spectrum, but now behind it the entire
scan screen (up to the blue marker, is filled with red, first solid red,
then alternating red/black that starts at the top and walks downward, then
solid red again.  Occasionally the white spectrum trace will wipe itself
away from right to left.  Is this what you folks are seeing, or is this new?
By turning sweep off and on again it began working correctly.

Previously I had only seen this as a brief red spectrum trace (the white
trace disappears for a half second or so), and I thought this was what you
were seeing.  Just before this new phenomenon started, I was tuning and
happened to catch the spectrum in a "red only" trace...and it froze in all
red color as long as I would turn the tuning knob.

I took some photos at:  http://s685.photobucket.com/albums/vv219/N4BE/

Jim N4BE

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