[TenTec] Trade Elecraft K2/100 package for OmniVI/opt3

Allan Taylor k7gt.cw at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 09:23:09 PDT 2009

I am finding that I am just not using my K2 for portable use as
originally expected. I am interested in a possible trade involving an
option 3 with lots of filters. This will be my 2nd OmniVI and will be
used to play with SO2R. I would also prefer a matching p/s.

The K2 has:
160m/2nd rx ant
100W amp and I/O
all mods through 2008

Also in the package:
KAT100 external 150W auto-tuner
KAT-2 with speaker/cabinet lid (you can swap out the 100W amp and have
a QRP rig with internal tuner)

A trade will not necessarily be straight-across but to be negotiated.

73  Allan K7GT

73     Allan    K7GT

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