[TenTec] WTB OMNI VI Plus for new Ham

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Fri Oct 16 11:24:02 PDT 2009

Actually, the MRF458 used in many of the Ten Tec Rigs thru the Omni VI, is 
rated for 80 watts output each making it 160 watts total.  That makes a 
pretty robust final when run at 100 watts out.  HOWEVER, the max current, 
voltage and dissipation listed on the data sheet are what determine the 
power limits of the transistor, not the power output listed.

As I recall, the MRF458 is rated for operation with infinite VSWR.  Again, the 
current, voltage and dissipation establish the limits.

In any event, over more than 20 years of abusing several Ten Tec 
transceivers using the MRF458's I have never lost one.  I do mean abusing.  
I use a TT transceiver in the company lab to produce RF power for 
experiments on various products and have run them under unimaginable 
conditions there.  I am not recommenting this kind of abuse.  Just stating 
what I have observed here.  YMMV    

Ten Tec is using a different transistor in it's later rigs and I do not know the 
specs on those.  

I think the original question was about the Omni VI as a starter rig.  I cannot 
see any good reason why not.  Set it up according to the manual to start.  
Get on the air and have a good time.  It has lots of opportunity to develop 
ones operating skills as time goes on and interest builds regarding the finer 
points of operating a top quality radio.

Have at it!




On 16 Oct 2009 at 11:44, Rob Atkinson wrote:

>    BTW I recall the
> Omni 6 PA transistors spec'd at 60 w. each for 120 w.  Correct me if I
> am wrong but I do not consider that very robust.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
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