[TenTec] Orion 565

John Chance-Read johnchanceread at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 30 11:29:00 PDT 2009

I am having problems getting to know my Orion 1 (2.063xg).   i.e.  I cannot find any CW with my CW Skimmer although there are some healthy S9 on the meter.  I did at one time get a good CW reading displayed on Skimmer  but there was no sign of a station on the scope.  Perhaps my filters want aligning.
I am new to the Orion and completely deaf so I've got an excuse. 
If anyone who is (cw) contest minded and familiar with the Orion and would be kind enough to send me a complete listing of his settings (for contest work) I would be eternally grateful.  I could then save it in my Recall memory and return to it whenever I loose my way.    I have read the article on Contesting with the Orion from TenTec but that is not sufficient for my particular needs.
I shall get somebody with hearing to check the system but I think I ought know the rig and be sure I've got meaningful settings.

Incidentally the new scope setting on 2.063xg are much better for me, as there is a greater definition between noise and signal, (although is now only works at 73 Khz sweep).  Also the tracking indicator now moves in the direction of tune before pulling the signal (and indicator) to centre spot.
One question - on the filter display - is the verticle line indicating zero beat or the centre of the sideband ?
Your help appreciated.
John G4BOU


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