[TenTec] Marriage of Flex 5000 and Orion 2

David W LeJeune, Sr lejeuned at centurytel.net
Thu Apr 8 07:49:15 PDT 2010

Hi, Folks

                Carl's (N4PY) controller software with its ability to marry
up Flex Radios with the Orion 2 to allow the use of the Flex as a 2nd
receiver, along with its great panadapter, spurred me into developing a
small utility that does just that - without all the control capability of
N4PY software.  Just allows you to sync the Orion 2 with a Flex Radio.  It's
written in C++, using the C++Dev development package.  Since it uses CAT
control, should be easily adapted to other radios besides the Orion 2.
C++Dev is open source, including the gcc compiler and wxWidgets.  It's
pretty slick and easier to use that Visual C++ Express.  If anyone would
like to play around with it (executable or source) drop me an e-mail.


Dave WN5V

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