[TenTec] Jupiter Solid Aluminum Main Tuning Dial

James Viars james.viars at comcast.net
Sat Apr 10 16:55:17 PDT 2010

Hello all.

Name is James Viars and call is KJ4QPK. Well, hopefully the call will be
once the FCC approves it.


I  bought a Ten Tec Jupiter and HATE the main tuning knob. Way too light and
feels like a cheap piece of crap ('cause it is). So I asked my father, who
is a retired machinist, to turn one out of solid aluminum on his lathe. It
is a near exact replacement minus the finger grove on the face.  The rubber
band fits over it and feels great. Has a nice heave feel at 4 solid oz and
can spin for hours! (well not really.)

So I talked to Dad and see if he would be interested in making some more. He
said, "yes," as long as there was plenty of interest. I am looking to sell
these to any interested parties and would like to charge about $50 shipped.
This particular dial does not have the finger grove, and is a little rough,
as I asked my father to make it as quickly as possible for me. The bought
ones will be much better.


Oh, and I think that these MIGHT fit the Omni VII and Orion / Orion II as

If you are interested, please email me at james.viars at comcast.net and then
mention it here so everyone has an idea too.

You can look at the pictures here..




If the link does not work, just email me for pictures.

73 de KJ4QPK


James Viars


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