[TenTec] Ten-Tec 411 Centaur Amp Problem

Kris Merschrod Kris at merschrod.net
Wed Jun 2 12:15:45 PDT 2010

Good afternoon everyone who has been feeding me solid possible fixes.  No 
solution yet.  This AM I decided to focus on the inside of the AMP instead 
of outside fixes.  So it is on the bench, opened up, dusted and vacuumed out 
and, having checked the wafer switch contacts am about to do a careful 
"de-oxing" of  the contacts to be sure that contact is being made on both 
sides.  The components all seem sound and not heat stained.  There is 
continuity to the Shunt Board and to the coils.

(I'm also going to open up the 10 meter position - but I have to write to TT 
for those instructions.  After all, somebody has to ironize the E-layer or 
this new sunspot cycle will never begin!)

I will keep you posted.  MY TNX

Kris KM2KM
123 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

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