[TenTec] Ten Tec model R4020 arrived. First impressions

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I have the he 1 and they all come with the battery holder like that. I use an i pod powered speaker with mine. Audio is a actor of phones. Try several as some of mine are very loud. Would like to change knobs. Solid little radio.
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Hello Gang!

The R4020 I ordered at dayton arrived yesterday. I was unable to get it fired up last night, but you know what they say about first impressions.

For a brand new radio, the packaging looked like it was used. The bubble wrap bag the radio came in was all popped. I know this is a mute point, but there was no 'wow' from me when I opened the box. 

I should have read the instructions first, for when I picked up the radio, it rattled like it had loose parts inside. As a matter of fact, it really did have loose parts inside—the battery holders, plug and rubber feet.

Number one nit to pick! Those radio shack knobs have got to go!

In keeping with Ten Tec tradition, the AF gain knob was smashed down onto the front panel. A quick fix with a small screwdriver. The knob wiggles back and forth now on the control shaft.

Popping the case, only two screws hold it together, the pcb is silk screened and appears to be of decent quality. Although the pcb is stuffed with surface mount parts, they are the larger 1206 types and although still quite small, joe ham could repair this radio. HB-1A5 is silk screened in one corner.

There are provisions for installing 8- AA batteries, basically two plastic four AA battery holders. You solder the wires together and then to a supplied plug that plugs into the pcb assembly.

The instructions are six single sided sheets. There's a schematic, but no parts location overlay. The pcb silk screen is readable so, in a pinch you could in fact locate a suspect part by the screen alone. 

Other than the fact the radio uses a DDS vfo, the radio is quite basic. NE602 mixers are used and a classic LM386 is the output for the audio chain. 

Speaking of audio, it's mentioned several times in the manual you MUST use stereo head phones. DO NOT use a mono plug in the audio output jack. There is NO internal speaker.

I'll get some power and an antenna hooked up to is shortly....as soon as I can locate some better knobs!

Mike, wb8vge

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