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That looks very close to the numbers I came up with that are posted on my


It's still one of my "Wish List" items to get fixed!

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I had been noticing that I could hear signals quite well and the s meter was
not moving off of S1.
So I borrowed a HP 8654B Sig gen that was still in calibration and checked
out my S meter and found it was way off.
So a call to TT and talked to the Tech. and was advised to send in for a
check out, which we did.
They reset the IF gain and adjusted the s meter and checked the alingment,
+ 24hr burn in. and said it is just like a new Orrion getting the rig back I
checked it with the sig gen and find it way off from what the standard
should be.
I also used the Elecraft XG3 with a step attenuator and it follows very
close with the HP sig.gen

as per the standard:
sig gen set to:                   My ORION S meter shows

-121dbm  =  S 1               S0
-115dbm =   S 2               S0
-109dbm =   S3                S0 
-103dbm =   S4                S0
--97 dbm =   S5                S1
- 91 dbm =   S6                S3
- 85 dbm =   S7                S5
- 79 dbm =   S8                S7
- 73 dbm =   S9                S9
- 63 dbm =   S9+10         S9+20
-53 dbm =    S9+20         S9+45
-43 dbm =    S9+30         S9+60
- 33dbm =    S9+ 40        S9+60

can some one check and see if this is the way their Orion ll tracks...
as it stands now this is way off.
I was under the impression that the S meter was to track  close to the

Thanks   Ed     K7WIA
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