[TenTec] OMNI VI Panadapter?

Glenn wa4aos at aol.com
Thu Jul 7 07:09:10 PDT 2011

 One thing I am considering is purchasing a Flex 1500 for around $650 new, less used and cradle it to a cheap laptop. It does not follow the Omni VII but switching it in and out of line with a TR awitch would make a  decent spectrum analyzer. Perhaps Carl, N2PY has a program that would interface to follow the O6.  If not, the Flex 1500 is a very decent rig buy itself and not a bad investment in a second RX/ backup QRP transceiver.
I have not planned out all of the possible problems but I can't imagine it being a big deal. 

One of my friends has several of the Flex transceivers and the display is fast and impressive. Ten Tec has been promising a faster real time analyzer for the Omni VII but to my disappointment, after years of telling me they almost have it, no cigar.


Glenn WA4AOS
DSM Labs




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I just recently aquired an OMNI VI Option 2, and have moved my Kenwood TS-830S 

into storage. The one thing I really hated to give up is the LP Pan Panadapter I 

had connected to the IF output on the 830S.

Has anyone come up with a clean way to allow the use of a panadapter with the 



David - KE6YX


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