[TenTec] OMNI VI Panadapter?

CSM(r) Gary Huber glhuber at msn.com
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The OMNI-VI an OMNI-VI+ lack the easy access to the antenna receive loop 
which is in the OMNI-V and earlier TT transceivers in the form of a 
selectable aux antenna / aux receiver jack.  There's probably a way to mod 
the aux receive antenna connection in the OMNI-VI for a SDR panadapter but 
the connection to the receive loop and transmit protection is a concern.

The OMNI-VII can take a N4PY sub-rx modification, which is simply 
re-terminating one internal sub-miniature coaxial cable, then routing and 
terminating two sub-miniature coaxial cables supplied by Ten-Tec to the two 
spare phono jacks on the rear panel of the OMNI-VII.  Connect a two male to 
one female phono "Y" adapter and your favorite SDR or FLEX-1500 and you have 
a panadapter.

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Gary - AB9M

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Gee... Glen.     I have been using a TT RX-320D as a sort of second
receiver it under the "dual receiver" setting in the N4pY software, and
just allow it to continuously run the band scope window feature and if I
see a blip I want to monitor or make contact with, I simply double-click
on the band scope window, and my transceiver tunes to that spot.  The
display is not as detailed or as high-resolution as the panadapters are,
  but this is about as close to one that you could get on the cheap.

I'm not sure it will work that way with the Omni VI, but it doesn't my
Omni VII.     In that way, the RX-320D continuously monitors a segment
of the band, and I can use it to tune my transceiver any time.  I get
all giddy, warm and runny over that and think it's about as good as life
can get.

Happy Trails.
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On 7/7/2011 10:09, Glenn wrote:
>   One thing I am considering is purchasing a Flex 1500

make a decent spectrum analyzer.

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