[TenTec] Omni 6 logic Y2

Glenn wa4aos at aol.com
Tue Jul 12 12:25:49 PDT 2011

 HI Barry,

Thanks to you helping me find the frequency of the crystal, I just ordered 50 of them for $7.03 including shipping.
I only needed one for the repair and a few for spares but there was a $5.00 minimum.. 
I ordered them from Tyda Electronics. I am giving half of them to Paul at Ten Tec since he is out  but if anyone else needs one let me know.
I plan to keep 10 to 15 for repairs but for an SASE, I can give away the rest.

Of course, I will need to verify they will work and not run into any snags first...

Glenn WA4AOS
DSM Labs




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Just guessing but DS1285 data sheets says it's a 32.768Khz clock

crystal.  You might be able to steal one from an old AT computer


73, Barry N1EU

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Glenn <wa4aos at aol.com> wrote:

> Hi,

> I am working on a logic board for an Omni 6+ and the small crystal at pins 2 

and 3 of U6 is bad.

> This crystal looks like a small radial electrolytic capacitor.  U6, ds1285, is 

the real time clock package in the Omni 6 series.  The capacitor noted as Y2 in 

the Ten Tec manual has KDS2C stamped on it.

> Apparently that crystal is no longer made but I might be able to find 

something that will work but will need the crystal specifications.

> A google search mentioned 24 MHz at one site but I can't find data on it.


> BTW:  In my Omni 6+ manual this crystal is drawn as being between but it's 

between pins 1 and 2.  I would appreciate feedback for others with this 



> So, anyone know anything about this little crystal or a source for them. I 

checked with Paul at Ten Tec and they are out but he is trying to locate some 


> Any help is appreciated ! ! !


> I am still interested in any dead Omni 6 or Omni 6 logic boards that might be 

available for purchase.


> 73,


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