[TenTec] Omni 546 "D" for parts or restoration

Steve Mercure w5en at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 13 21:47:29 PDT 2011

I have an Omni 546 D Variant, I think, available if you want one for a spare parts bin, or to restore.  This was my primary station for 15 years, and found it to be a great rig, but mine has now died beyond what I think would make finicial sense to send to Ten Tec for repair.  My technical repair ability is not up to this task either.  I have the rig with all parts in tact, power supply, and outboard VFO.  Before I gave up on the station it was obvious both PTO need rebuild work.  The outboard VFO has since locked up mechinicaly.  The string on the outboard VFO is also broken, and had been for years. The rig itself had trouble with the disply jumping around, just the display, but it got to the point where the display would not stay "locked".  The power supply seems fine, although someone has added a small switch to the front panel, for what purpose I have no clue.  All of the filters are in place, and working, the transmitter had 90 watts output when the receiver failed.  
I have no price set, and would prefer for it to find a home with a Ten Tec lover.  If you have interest write me at this email addy and I'll take what ever pics that you wish and answer any questions.  The power supply is not light, so it might be expensive to ship.  I'm in Arkansas and would consider an in person exchange if it would help your station.  Ten Tec makes some good gear, and if I can help keep yours going I'd love to help.   
73 de W5EN Steve   		 	   		  

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