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Carl Moreschi n4py2 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 19 18:29:34 PDT 2011

I have just a few more comments on this.  First, I have several users 
running the Orion with the 9 mhz IF mod, LP-Pan, and TRX-Pan.  This 
works quite well and is very stable.

Second, I also have an interface with SDR-IQ.  In this setup, no 9 mhz 
IF output mod is needed at all on the Orion.  Instead, one wire is added 
inside the orion that goes between the sub-reciever antenna input and 
the spare jack on the Orion.  This allows SDR-IQ or the Flex 1500 to 
share the same antenna with the Orion.  My software keeps the two radios 
in lock step, also providing a great panadapter function without the 
need for a sound card or 9 mhz IF mode.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
121 Little Bell Dr.
Hays, NC 28635

On 7/19/2011 8:46 PM, Floyd Sense wrote:
> There are a couple of approaches, both of which work.  I first used the
> N4PY software along with LP-Pan and PowerSDR/IF.  I ended up using an
> SDR-IQ receiver and Spectravue software, along with VSPE for sharing the
> Orion II com port between Spectravue and my logging program, DXLab
> suite.  Originally, Carl's program was the only one that got the IF
> offsets right for the Orion and that's important so that the signal
> you're listening to appears at the correct point on the panadaptor
> display.  If that's off, then mousing on a signal on the panadaptor
> display won't move it into your receive passband and you won't hear it.
> Here were my reasons for using SDR-IQ instead of LP-Pan - others will
> disagree with which approach is best, but I found that the software was
> very dependent upon the version of Windows you're running and on other
> mysterious factors that never were identified.
> 1. With the SDR-IQ, no sound card is required.  The processed signal is
> sent to the PC via the USB port of the SDR-IQ.  That avoids all the
> problems involved with finding the right drivers for your sound card for
> the version of Windows you're running.  Sounds like that should be
> simple to do, but it's not.
> 2. The latest version of Spectravue gets the Orion II offsets right just
> as the N4PY software does.  I worked with Moe of Moetronics (author of
> Spectravue) to get this support right based on IF frequency info I fed him.
> 3. I found PowerSDR/IF to be unstable on both my XP and Win 7 systems.
> It routinely locked things up and couldn't be terminated, requiring a
> re-boot of the PC.  TRX-Pan simply would not run correctly on either my
> XP or Win 7 systems.  While the program would execute, some of the
> required graphics would not display.  Spectravue worked correctly on
> both my systems and has NEVER failed or locked up the system.
> 4.  When using LP-Pan with PowerSDR/IF, I found the height of the
> signals on the display to be lacking in spite of having adequate gain in
> the signal chain.  With Spectravue, the sensitivity is superb and you
> can adjust the signal height on the display easily.
> 5.  Using Spectravue, one can shrink the display window down to just
> show the panadaptor display, scales and mode buttons, so PowerSDR/IF has
> no advantage there.
> Spectravue is well supported and the author works closely with the
> SDR-IQ manufacturer - they were together in the RFSpace booth at
> Dayton.   The SDR-IQ uses exactly the same Orion IF output as LP-Pan does.
> 73, Floyd - K8AC
> On 7/19/2011 5:51 PM, John Molenda wrote:
>> In response to my question of TT providing a pan adapter in the near
>> future several people responded ( thank you ) telling me how they sent
>> there OII back to the factory and have them pull out the IF to a extra
>> port on the back of the radio .  OK , sounds good anyone remember about
>> how much the mod cost ?  what software and hardware do I need to make
>> this pan adapter work ?  I assume that the hardware extracts the IF info
>> and sends it to my computer where a special software program turns it
>> into a pan adapter .  Is this correct ? If so any suggestions on the
>> best route to take ?  thanks again to you tech guys !  John molenda   kb2huk
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