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 Hi Jim,

I appreciate the thanks and those keep me going when I wonder about all of the time I am putting into this project...Hi





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I wish I could do more, but I loudly applaud your efforts!  I do not have 

equipment for you, nor skill or expertise or time to invest in the project  ( I 

wish I did! ).  So... one thing I can do is say thanks!

Jim, AF3Z

On Jul 20, 2011, at 1:36 PM, Glenn wrote:




> Hi Group,


> Based on the lack of response to my previous post regarding a possible NEW 

replacement logic board for the Omni 6, I have put that project on the back 

burner for now.

> That would be a daunting task and not one I am willing to invest time and lots 

of money into unless there is more interest at some point. So, the next best 

solution is gearing up for repairs and mods to the existing 

> logic boards since Ten Tec is now sending some home as unrepairable. If this 

is ever going to happen, now is the time to do so.


> My only reason for looking into this is my affection for the Omni 6 series 

radios. I am not enamored with DSP IF derived configurations yet, and personally 

have great respect for the performance of the O6. The O6 with the INRAD roofing 

filter is awesome. 


> Part 1:  I looking for Omni 6 version 1, 2 , 3 or 6+ as well as Paragon's  and 

Paragon II's that are either lightning damaged, or otherwise unrepairable. 

> Cosmetic condition is not too important; just not any that really were used as 

boat anchors or shotgun target practice..

> These will be used for test beds to repair logic, AF/IFboards and PA's and 

free up my personal equipment. Also looking for units to be parts queens.

> Let me know what you have and a REASONABLE price. Donations going toward Logic 

board support are always appreciated.


> Part 2:  I have found a source for the DSP and RTC Ic's on the Omni 6 Logic 

board. and have ordered a large quantity of these as well as the rest of the 

IC's on the Omni 6+ logic board.


> Is there interest in an IC kit for the Omni 6+?


> I can tell you most of the IC's are soldered in and unless you have experience 

and equipment, replacing the IC's is not recommended. 

> Of course, there is no reason to replace any of the IC's if your board is 

working properly. This is not like shotgunning all of the tubes in an old 

Hallicrafters receiver. Hi Hi

> My point in offering a kit of spare IC's is the risk of not being able to find 

them later. I was VERY LUCKY to find some of the parts I did find.  


> I have one O6+ and one Paragon logic board that I have installed gold plated, 

machined sockets for each IC on the board to use as a test board to QC inventory 

and possibly to verify questionable parts for a board being repaired.


> Part 3:  The schematic in my Omni 6+ manuals and the one online at the Ten Tec 

site  has a number of errors. Does anyone have a correct Omni 6 or plus manual 

that is correct? Check the wiring of U15 and U16 or locate U23 in the parts list 

or buzz out the location of the crystal used for the RTC, that's for starts. Try 

to follow the address or data lines around the board????? I think they were 

trying to confuse the communist, sure worked on me.. Hi Hi


> I have started the task of rewritting the schematic. Is anyone willing to do 

some of the work? If there is a real desire to keep these running well into he 

future we need parts and accurate docs. I have also made large clear color pics 

mapping the location of all IC's, connectors and transistors. This is a set of 3 

pics, one for each component type. I have over 18 hours doing this alone. I have 

also made and excel spread sheet listing all of the IC's,correctly, their 

descriptions and board locations as well as my source, as of now for the vendors 

who have these. Next is mapping out all of the electrolytic cap's which will 

soon be very dated.


> I am documenting bus data and saving files with my logic analyzer as I 

stimulate functions from the front panel as well as logging pulse states with my 

digital O scope to use as a comparison for testing boards with problems. So far, 

I have identified about 85 significant logic states to aid in troubleshooting. 

This was a major time saver on one of the Omni 6 boards that I recently repaired 

after Ten Tec had declined to effect the repair for a guy in TX.


> Any suggestions or assistance will be appreciated.


> Regards,


> Glenn WA4AOS

> DSM Labs

> Laurens, SC

> w w w dot d s m l a b s dot c o m 







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