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 Hi Rip,

Thanks for the kind words. For now, I am gearing up to repair the existing Logic boards. I will see how things go through the next year and see if makes sense to
start development on a new processor configuration. I have just ordered a bunch of parts and will have ALL of the IC's in large quantities in the next week.
I am working with a fellow here in SC who has stepped up and offered to help re write the Schematic for the logic board which has a number of errors. 

As most of us agree the Omni 6 and 6 plus are arguably among the best analog transceivers ever to come to the amateur market. The weak link here is supporting the logic board. I will defer to Ten Tec
for other repairs unless they, at some point, decide to not support it at all. I would be very surprise if that would happen. They are good folks over there and I have a very high regard for Paul Clinton. He and I have become friends over the years and I respect his knowledge of electronics. 

Personally, I prefer the Omni 6+ with the INRAD roofing kit to anything I have ever ran including my K3 and Omni 7. For CW operation during crowded band conditions, I can discern and separate weak CW signals in the same pass band  better than any IF DSP derived receiver I have listened to. Others may disagree but this has been my experience.

Again thanks for the kind comments and I hope you are around when the Ten Tec Omni 17 is obsolete.... Hi Hi

Glenn WA4AOS
DSM Labs



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Glenn  WA4AOS

The purpose of this post is to wish you well in your

endeavor to save the Omni VI for many years to come

through the development of a replacement logic boards.

I think Ten Tec does a very good job of supporting

their line of radios; I just got my Omni 6 back from Paul

and his crew. I too think that my Omni 6 is irreplaceable;

there is nothing on the market today that would make me

abandon this fine rig. I would not be suprised to learn

that Ten Tec's inability to support this rig has something

to do with the cost of maintaining levels of repair parts 

and the economics of selling new transceivers. At any rate,

if you do follow through on this endeavor, I am sure to be

one of your future customers provided that the rig gives it

up before I do. Hi...Good luck and 73s   Rip  W7RIP


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