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This is just an idea. I have a 565, not a 566. If the 566 is constructed the
same as the Orion I, behind the buttons alongside the display is a series of
pins and sockets. I find that they oxidize over time. If you press on the
sloped area between the buttons and the display, it "exercises" the
connections. The pins and sockets take all of the data from the front panel
and send it to the CPU board. If you look at the V2 mod documents for the
Orion I on the Ten-Tec sire, the PDF instructions will show you the pins. I
have had trouble with my RIT/XT encoder. After many years of frustration and
attempted fixes, I finally found the problem. I hope this helps you friend.


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A friend of mine has an OII and is having some problems with the RF gain 
encoder ceasing to work.   He is a White Stick Operator but still manages to

use his OII quiet well.
I've read the manual and looked on the web but no luck.  And I don;t want to

do a reset anymore.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

John de VK2XGJ
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