Rich Jones michjonezee at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 17:36:13 PDT 2011

This will probably bring some sneers from those who wrench tighten their UHF connectors.  I only use Amphenol connectors and years ago purchased a half dozen Amphenol 083-55PApush-on SO-259  adapter/connectors. I like them because here in SE Michigan we have lots of  lightening storms and these allow a quick disconnect from the antenna to the Alpha Delta coax switch which have long threaded connectors.  I am currently using them in QRP conditions, and yes, I am sure I have some loss but I don't find them a handicap.  Of course I make sure the PL-259 is connected properly to the slide on adapter. I have never used a wrench on the connectors, but I am sure it doesn't do any harm if done with care. By the way, these are very handy with the antenna analyzer too.  73, Rich K8UV

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