[TenTec] Connector tightening

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Thu Jul 28 23:12:41 PDT 2011

I do not think the quality differs on the basis of domestic vs foreign 
manufacture.  Some vendors, like RF Parts,  DX-Engineering,  Array 
Solutions, and (usually) the main ham radio gear vendors, like HRO, AES, 
Texas Towers, R&L, etc.,  all seem to sell good ones even if they are 
made overseas.  Some other vendors sell cheaper ones, typically made 
overseas, but it is not the country of origin that makes the difference, 
it is just the quality of the brand or mfr.   I have standardized on 
Amphenol just because they seem to be the
most reliable and well made.   You can tell a cheap one... the screw 
threads do not often work well, whereas, the Amphenol and other (better) 
ones thread on smoothly.

It is sometimes hard to know which is which.  I quit buying them at 
local hamfests, because the vendors were spotty - some good, some not. 
I now order them  50 at a time from a high quality vendor  (I often use 
them up making jumpers for friends...)

Happy Trails.
=======================  Richards / K8JHR  =========================

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