[TenTec] Corsair II for sale (alone)

George Clark geclark at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 18:35:59 PST 2011

VFO is sold.  Now Corsair II by itself for $575 plus actual shipping.

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Corsair II for sale.  $575 plus actual shipping.  Prefer
payment by PayPal to this email address.

The rig is in good shape.  The transceiver is probably 9/10
cosmetically--one of the trim pieces is loose but stays in place and
looks fine,
and the rig may have a minor scratch or two on the case.   The PTO is in good
shape.  It gives c. 60-70 watts out.

The rig has only 2 minor functional issues that I'm aware of.  One is, one
of the LED connections could use a re-solder--a small piece of one or
two of the digits goes off intermittently depending on how warm the
rig is.  The second is, it is missing one of the jumpers from the back
of the rig, but an RCA stereo cable works fine.

It might have a cw filter but I haven't switched the filter switch in
a long time and don't want to open the rig up so
assume not.  Mic is not included.

George W1XW

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