[TenTec] 238B tuner issue - solved (I think)

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Wed Mar 2 14:25:04 PST 2011

To reply to my own question (listed down below), in case anyone else ever
has this problem...

I didn't get any advice, but kept looking at my 238B and the dial skirt that
spun freely.  There was no evidence of any gears connected to the skirt --
and I simply couldn't figure out what would ever stop the skirt (inductor
indicator) from spinning freely.

I finally realized that the white plastic/teflon that the inductor post went
through did indeed turn slowly and properly, when the inductor was turned.
So it seemed to be a matter of the brass ring on the skirt not engaging with
the white insulator.  Since nothing appeared to hold them together, I
decided to break out some glue.  I put a smallish dab (of Gorilla glue) on
the skirt's brass ring, put it back where it goes, spun it to smear the glue
around, put it to zero (where the inductor was set), and waited.  And waited
more to make sure.  And sure enough, the dial skirt now behaves itself.

I don't know if that was the "right" fix, but so far, so good.  And to state
the obvious, do it to your own 238B at your own risk.

73, Dave N0RQ

** original post/problem **
My 238B tuner has a repeat problem.  The Inductor dial display ("dial
skirt", numbered 0 through 30) spins freely.  This does not stop proper
tuning, but it sure stops me from knowing "where" I am and makes my preset
tuning chart useless.

The first time it happened, I sent it in, and they fixed it, and it was good
for a while, but it has occurred again, and I'd rather not spend the $ if I
can do it myself.  I've been told it isn't overly involved.  The only
instructions I've seen, though, said:
The dial skirt is fastened to the gear train by a push in  bronze bearing.
The bearing has become loose. Loosen the set screw and remove the knob and
reseat the bearing.

OK, so I finally got the knob off, and was able to slide the dial skirt off.
By all appearances, the bronze bearing on the dial skirt is attached
solidly, but I see no notches or gears or anything that keeps it from
spinning freely.  And I don't know what is meant by "reseat the bearing".

Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to fix this?  It is fixed from
the front, or do I need to get inside?  (I didn't see anything inside that
was obvious.)

Tnx very much & 73,
Dave N0RQ

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