[TenTec] ORION 565 NB & NR

Giuseppe Crosta g.crosta at tin.it
Sat Mar 5 08:56:08 PST 2011



few questions about the last software release.


I have installed the software Ver. 2.064X11 and now I try to understand the
differences with the previous released versions.

After some days of activity I don't understand again what are the
diversities between the hardware NB and the software NB. Switching ON the
hardware NB I note a significant changes in the CW signal while when I
choose the software NB I don't see any difference even if I change the level
value from 1 to 9. Could someone explain what are the main variations
between the two systems (HW and SW) after the introduction of the new
software release? What are also the differences with the previous software
versions? Concerning the NR it seems it is more efficient than the previous
version. Another annoying question is the Multi knob response: it is quite
frustrating to turn this knob hundred times for a very simple parameter
variation, i.e. the threshold level.

Could TT improve this function in some way ?


Thank for your help


IZ2ABU Beppe

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