[TenTec] Speaker cable connector

wa3fiy at radioadv.com wa3fiy at radioadv.com
Sun Mar 6 11:09:15 PST 2011


I use AMP MTA .100" connectors and headers for that purpose among 
others.   They are low cost, very light and compact and will pull apart easily if 
you take the bottom cover off and forget to disconnect the speaker.

Mouser p/n is 571-3-640440-2 for the 2 circuit connector and 571-6404522 
for the 2 circuit header. 

The only downside is that the connector is insulation displacement type and 
can be a problem if you don't have the proper tool.  Since I use the MTA 
connectors in production, I have the "proper" tool (read expensive) so I 
cannot offer a tested way to get the wire punched down into the connector 
without the tool.

Perhaps others here have mastered that process.



> Thanks Jerry - that might work but I think there would be exposed
> ground at the joining surfaces extending to the sides.  I'm hoping
> someone knows of a totally insulated solution and perhaps lighter
> weight connector bodies - something like a mini Molex perhaps.
> 73, Barry N1EU

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