[TenTec] 253 Tuner Interface Cable/System Needed

Edward A. Feustel efeustel at hughes.net
Wed Mar 9 12:30:05 PST 2011

On 2:59 PM, Brickey, Dennis wrote:
> Good Evening folks,
> I am in need of one of the following:
> I need a cable for interfacing a 253 tuner to an Omni VI.  That would be a 236 cable
> or
> I am in need of an interface system for the 253 tuner and an Orion.  I assume this to be a model 311 interface.
> If you have either excess to  your needs, please please drop me a note.
> Thanks for the bandwidth,
> Dennis N4DD
If you want to operate using your Orion and wish to use your 253 on 60 
Meters, you need a
cable different from the 236. It does not have the wire required to 
energize the memory that
covers 60 Meters.  I Had Riley's Accessories 
(http://rileysaccessories.tripod.com/) modify their standard 236 with 
the extra wire required to implement 60 meters. Tell him you want one 
like he built for me.

I obtained my 311 from Ten Tec direct.  They still had them several 
years ago when I got mine.
Just ask sales and get the Orion-311 cable as well. Then the modified 
236 connects from it
to the 253.
Ed Feustel, N5EI

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