[TenTec] omni vi

JOHN ku3g at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 04:58:42 PST 2011

Just testing the waters, getting the urge for a new rig, I Have an Omni VI , 
serial number 07a10026 equipped with two optional filters 

 a 1.8 and a 500 cycle.  Condition is very good and as it is installed in a Desk 
top killowatt. Included in the sale is a 238 tuner that needs extensive work, it 
needs a new inductor and the dial cord needs to be restrung.   The power supply 
which is included it the Model 962
The rig looks and works great and you can see some pics of it on QRZ.com.   What 
i am asking is what is the approximate value of this 

As usual Thanks  and 73
John Ku3G


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