[TenTec] WTT for Argonaut V

Jeramy Ross jeramy at w5xtl.org
Wed Mar 16 17:51:49 PDT 2011

Hello all,

    Needing to downsize my shack and having been bit hard by the QRP
bug has me wanting to find another Argonaut V.  So, I am looking to
trade off my beloved Omni C equipment for an Argonaut V.  If anyone
has one and is looking to pick up a nice Omni C setup I would
appreciate hearing from you.

     The Omni C equipment consists of the following:

Omni C w/ both optional filters installed
243 remote VFO
255 PS/Speaker
229A antenna tuner w/ balun installed
215P microphone

Paper manuals for the Omni C, 243, and 255 (the Omni C manual and 255
manual were ordered from Ten-Tec last year and came from them bound as
one manual).

Grey wool dustcovers from radiodustcovers.com for the Omni C, 243,
255, and 229A (w/ Ten-Tec logo and the model number underneath the
logo except for the Omni C's cover which has the text "Omni C" under
the logo instead of the model number).

All in great working condition with the following two caveats:

1) The 243 has a scrape in the vinyl of the top case section in the
middle of the left top edge (NEVER rearrange your shack when tired!)
and the dial lamp is out.
2) The metering in the 229A is intermittent.  It came to me that way,
and since I use an external power meter/SWR meter, I just never got up
the gumption to fix it.

I am looking to trade ALL of the above for a great Argo V.

OR Make me an offer for all or part of the above to fund my
acquisition of a Argo V.

Thank you in advance and 73,
Jeramy W5XTL

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