[TenTec] Items for sale

JoshL xxhound at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 12:27:41 PDT 2011

*items  for SALE:

Ten Tec  Delta  580 digital display working great   in Collector quality (
no kidding)
just back from TT factory for cleaning and alignment
with circuit breaker in power cord, no mike, no printed
manual ( free download at TT web support page)
$ 375 plus shipping

Ten Tec Triton 540 Analog  dial
very clean working well   , No mike, power cord
and printed manual    $ 269 plus  shipping

Ten Tec Triton II Analog  dial
works well , about 80w output , no mike,
Printed manual , power cord   $ 189  plus shipping

Ten Tec  remote VFO for Triton series
Model 242 with printed manual -  $ 95 plus shipping (  these are very hard
to find)

I have photos if interested

Josh n7xm   xxhound at gmail.com*

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