[TenTec] WTB Argonaut 505 parts radio

Byron Tatum bjtatum1 at att.net
Sun Mar 20 03:25:02 PDT 2011

Hello Bill-
    There is a place on internet that caters to TV repair that sells these two 
transistors very reasonable. I bought a few sets for my 505's. I cannot recall 
their name, but found them on a google search. I will look around.
                                        Byron WA5THJ

From: Bill Hill W3WH <w3wh at comcast.net>
To: tentec at contesting.com
Sent: Sat, March 19, 2011 5:19:36 PM
Subject: [TenTec] WTB Argonaut 505 parts radio

I recently purchased an Argonaut 505 at a local HAMFEST. It turns out that
the audio power transistors are not working and must be replaced I need The
2N4105 and 2N4106 transistors or a suitable parts radio. Please contact me
off list at W3WH at Comcast.net.


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