[TenTec] FS: Corsair

Andrew Siegel n2cn at siegel.org
Sun Mar 20 19:45:41 PDT 2011

I'm selling a Corsair.  I bought this unit a couple of months ago (it 
had been discussed on this list) for a reasonable price, knowing that it 
had an issue: the MHz digits do not read correctly.  (The KHz digits do, 
so that combined with the band switch setting tells you where you are.)

I've also noticed that turning on the RF amp causes a significant drop 
in the received signal, plus a lot of noise.  I don't think the original 
seller realized this.

There are a few other minor problems that I can elaborate on via email.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that this Corsair operates well and is totally usable 
as is.  QSK works fine.  The PTO is smooth, stable, and doesn't bind. 
I've only made one QSO (CW) with it, and gotten a good report.  Power 
out is 100 watts.  I haven't worked phone.  All meter functions work 
well.  It has no filters.  Both my household and the previous owner's 
household are non-smoking.  The rig is super clean, no serious dings or 
scratches.  Comes with a bound reprinted manual and a power cord.  The 
power cord is terminated with a powerpole pair and has neither fuses nor 
the fast-acting circuit breaker that TenTec specifies for this rig.

I thought I could fix the problem with the digits, but the logic on the 
counter logic board (pages 3-27 and 3-28 in the manual) is beyond my 
meager skills, and I don't want to spend the bucks to send it to TenTec.

The rig is set up and can be demonstrated on Skype.  I'm also happy to 
answer questions via phone or email.  I can provide photos as well. 
Email me and I'll send you my full contact info.

I'd like to get $250 plus shipping for it.

Andy, N2CN

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