[TenTec] Need 1208 Manual

BUDW2GLN at aol.com BUDW2GLN at aol.com
Wed Mar 23 22:14:25 PDT 2011

I just recently acquired a Model 1208 6 meter transverter and I am  looking 
forward to bringing it up on 6 meters........However !.......It did not  
come with a manual....
I have searched, everywhere that I know of, including various on line  
suppliers, e-bay and a full google search but no one has a manual....I talked to 
 the boys at Sevierville and they don't have any.
If anyone has any idea where to look or has a manual that they would  trust 
me to copy, or make a copy and I will buy it from you .....I would  
appreciate your help
Thanks so very much.
Go "Eagle"
Bud,  W2GLN  

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