[TenTec] Pegasus

Harry Coates WA8HC1 at charter.net
Thu Mar 24 08:09:19 PDT 2011

Good morning ED,  At one time there was a fad of Pegasus mods.. One of them was to boost the output up to 200 watts.. I think all it took was a pot adjustment.. 
I have that info somewhere, I’m sure someone on here has it also.. The big problem with that was a 50 amp power supply was also needed, HI HI.. Not TT approved !! 
There were 2 other popular changes that TT applied, I believe.. I still have those if you would like.. I did them on mine, and they did work.. The only control program I’ve ever used is N4PY.. So, don’t have any other experience than that.. I will keep my PEG forever.. It’s dedicated to my RTTY station..  BIG band for the $$.. 

73 and GL,


Harry N Coates
WA8HC1 at charter.net

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