[TenTec] Corsair CW issue

tubsc66 at aol.com tubsc66 at aol.com
Sun Mar 27 15:11:11 PDT 2011

 Thanks for the help fellas, the jumper was missing in the 1.8kc filter position, I installed one, and now I can
use the 2.4kc position when in the CW mode. Curiously, when Im in SSB mode, I can switch the xtal position 
to the 1.8kc spot (xtal "2") and still receive, when in CW mode, I can only listen in the 2.4kc spot (xtal "3"),
the other 2 positions are still deaf. So, if I obtain a 500hz filter but leave the 1.8 slot empty, do I leave the
jumper connected? BTW, the manual shows the only jumper to be in the 1.8 slot, there's no jumper associated
with the 500hz slot. Thanks so much! 73's

Chris KC5IIE


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