[TenTec] does anyone know ?

David W LeJeune lejeuned at centurytel.net
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Hi, John
	I was successful in attaching my Flex 5K with PowerSDR to my Orion 2
via the input to the 2nd receiver.  This provides input to the Flex but is
switched to ground when the Orion 2 is keyed for transmit.  Not sure if this
will help, but I can provide details.  It's not IF, but RF.  Wrote some
software to sync the two - the Orion 2 controls the freq of the Flex es
vice/versa.  Also point and click on the panadapter of PowerSDR software
controls the freq of the Orion 2.  All done via CAT controls for both rigs.

Dave WN5V

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Hello all , I own a TT Orion II and I would like to hook up the winradio 
Excalibur to it for a pan adapter display . Does anyone know if TT is 
making the mod for people who ask to bring the IF out to the back of the 
radio so a sdr can be used as a pan adapter ?  thanks John kb2huk
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