[TenTec] Corsair II U10 Problems

Jerry Haigwood jerry at w5jh.net
Sat May 28 10:43:12 PDT 2011


     I am new to the list and also new to the Corsair II I recently
purchased.  I have seen some U10 problems recently.  If U10 truly fails,
what are the options for repair?  I have been told Ten Tec no longer has any
U10 (68705) ICs.  Anybody know if that is true?  I recently purchased a 288
filter and 263G VFO from a ham who had U10 fail.  He decided to part out the
radio rather than repair it.  I also see a corsair on QTH.Com which has U10
problems.  Is the U10 problem something I should "look forward to?"

Jerry W5JH


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